Department of Healthcare Professions

Committed to Patient Safety

International Nurses Day 2020

Date: May/18/2020

“Nurses – A Voice to lead, nursing the world to health”

To our nurses and midwives, the marines in this life or death battle. To the frontlines and real champions, the backbone in our healthcare system.
We would like to thank you all for the irreplaceable and vital efforts in these very difficult times, for all you are doing to care for people and keep the world safe. 
Nurses and midwives; you have always proven that you are angels and you have crowned this year with your courage, compassion, professionalism, contribution and dedication to save patients’ lives.
We can’t find the words that express our thanks, gratitude and respect to each and every nurse in Qatar and all over the world.
COVID-19 will be behind us, but we will never forget that you were the smile that alleviated our pain and suffering.

Thank you all, and God bless you.

Dr. Saad Al Kaabi

Department of Healthcare Professions