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For the First Time – Part 2 of the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate Examination Held

Date: April/10/2023

The Department of Healthcare Professions of the Ministry of Public Health announces that it has conducted the Part 2 Written Examination of the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate, also known as the Qatari Board of Medical Specialties (QBMS) during its March examination cycle.

This is considered a great achievement for the medical sector in the State of Qatar because this exam was the first final written examination held since the launch of the QBMS three years ago. Eleven resident physicians of the Family Medicine Specialty Program sat for the exam, making it the first specialty program to conduct such an exam. All examinees successfully passed the exam, making them eligible to sit for the Part 2 clinical exam and, upon passing the exam, receive the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate in Family Medicine.
It is worth noting that this project was launched in July 2020 under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health. This project aims to grant physicians postgraduate certificates in the various medical specialties after undergoing training within training programs accredited by the QBMS (there are seventeen accredited programs at this time), as well as passing a number of special exams, including written and clinical formats. This ensures the highest levels of competence and knowledge of physicians in their respective specialties, which will have a positive role in gaining the trust of the society and providing high quality medical care.
Dr. Saad Al-Kaabi, Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Qatar Medical Specialization Certificate, said: “The second part exam plays an important role in testing the knowledge and skills required of physicians in each specialty.”
Dr. Al-Kaabi added: “The examination was prepared and reviewed by highly skilled and dedicated professionals in the field of healthcare. The hard work done by the esteemed members of the Examinations Committee and the Written Examination Subcommittee has played an important role in the successful first cycle of Part 2 QBMS examination.”
Dr. Al-Kaabi also stated that we can be assured that physicians holding the Board Certification have received an exceptionally competent medical education and they possess the skills and knowledge that equip them to provide top-quality healthcare to the people of Qatar.
For his part, the Chairman of the Examinations Committee, Dr. Abdullah Al-Naimi said: “The examination and the policies, standards and regulations related to it were prepared by using local Qatari expertise and following the latest scientific methods. The examiners were selected from the main medical institutions in the State of Qatar, and they were trained and qualified through intensive courses and workshops to ensure high efficiency in writing exam questions.”