Department of Healthcare Professions

Committed to Patient Safety

Allowing healthcare practitioners licensed in the private sector to temporary practice in the governmental hospital to contain the COVID-19 pandemic

Date: April/07/2020
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Are you a healthcare professional living in Qatar? Do you have a valid QCHP License? If so, you can join our fight against Covid-19.
In the battle the world is fighting against Covid-19, Hamad Medical Corporation is inviting all our medical colleagues in Qatar to join hands in fighting this pandemic.
We are inviting all QCHP licensed medical professionals in all specialties, and with any level of experience currently working in the private sector to join HMC on a temporary 6-month contract.
Joining HMC for this period would not invalidate any existing employment contract you have, and would not require you to change sponsorship. This means you will be able to work with HMC in addition to your primary employment.
All you need to have is a valid Qatar Residence Permit and a valid License from the Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners in order to be considered.
If you qualify, and you want to join us in this fight, please send your CV to
HMC would thank you for your motivation to help in this battle, however only selected candidates will be contacted.