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QCHP Conducts Educational CPD Activities for Healthcare Practitioners in Qatar

Date: May/14/2019

Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) on Monday, April 29 conducted a CPD activity titled 'Cultural Diversity in Healthcare', which represents the first session of the ongoing regularly scheduled CPD activity 'Basics of Healthcare'. The CPD activity session was open to all healthcare practitioners with 140 practitioners in attendance, and was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

The goal of conducting such CPD activities is to increase the access of healthcare practitioners in Qatar, especially community healthcare practitioners, to high quality specialized CPD resources, which will positively reflect on their competence and help to disseminate a culture of evidence-based best practices and excellence in Qatar's healthcare system. Moreover, providing such CPD activities fully sponsored by MoPH would help healthcare practitioners to better comply with their CPD requirements, for the purpose of license renewal. In addition, being planned and conducted in collaboration with well-recognized National CME/CPD providers (e.g. HMC), such CPD activities will provide a better chance for those CPD providers to reach a broader spectrum of target audience (i.e. community healthcare practitioners) who might not be reachable in the Providers' CPD program and would benefit from the quality educational resources and expertise they provide, a win-win situation that might not be achieved otherwise.

QCHP is planning to conduct other sessions of the CPD activity 'Basics of Healthcare', on a monthly basis. Registration for such activities will be online and shall be open one week before the date of the scheduled activity. ​