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QCHP-AD Conducts Activity-Based and Provider-Based Accreditation Orientation Events

Start Date: May/17/2017, End Date: May/17/2017, When: 17 - 17 May 2017, Where: MoPH

As part of its progressive stride to uphold the country's healthcare through the National Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development Accreditation System, the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners – Accreditation Department has successfully organized two orientation events for CPD providers in Qatar.

The first orientation on Activity-Based Accreditation System, targeted non-accredited CPD providers in the state of Qatar and was attended by CME/CPD program coordinators from various institutions within the state. The presentation detailed the activity-based accreditation process and was followed by an intensive discussion and questions and answers session           .

The second event which is CPD Provider Accreditation Orientation was conducted on the following day, and aimed at detailing the standards and processes for the accreditation of CPD providers. Delegates of several CPD provider organizations participated in the event, which covered topics like provider accreditation standards, application  review, decision making, audit, live audit and appeal processes in a very interactive discussion.

The two events were concluded successfully and were attended by more than 220 attendees.