Department of Healthcare Professions

Committed to Patient Safety

Fitness to Practice Section

Fitness to Practice’s responsibility is to monitor the performance of healthcare practitioners in order to ensure their compliance with the regulations of the health sector within the State, rules , policies instructions issued by the concerned authorities a​t the ​"Ministry of Public Health" through conducting the investigation of complaints against healthcare practitioners and auditing their performance. 

The establishment of FTP section has gone through different stages as following:​​

  • “Compliance and Investigation” Section was established in 2009 to investigate within the limits of its delegated authority, any health related complaints against healthcare practitioners; to protect the public against unsafe, un-ethical, or improper practices and monitor healthcare practitioners performance and their compliance to Qatar healthcare sector's regulations & rules.

  • Then, "Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP)" was established in 2013 according to the Emiri decree  (No. 7) , Hence, the “Compliance and Investigation” section was changed to “Fitness to Practice Department”. As one of the council's departments.

  • Finally, As per the law (No.14) of 2019, regarding MOPH hierarchy modification : "QCHP" Changed to "Department of Healthcare Professions- DHP"​​

​FTP Functions
  • ​Investigation of the medical complaints regarding healthcare practitioners conduct and competence.​​

  • Monitoring healthcare practitioner’s compliance with health rules and regulations in state of Qatar.

  • Evaluation of healthcare practitioner's competence & performance.

  • Evaluation of healthcare practitioner's health fitness.

  • Conduction of inspection visits for FTP's purposes.

  • Verification of sick leaves requests.

Fitness to Practice (FTP), is set to carry out its aforementioned responsibilities with utmost competency, on daily basis, under highly qualified, dedicated and vigilant Qatari leadership striving for the protection of the health and safety of all the people within the state of Qatar through ensuring the competency and fitness of all the professionals working in the Health Sector.​​​​​​​​​​