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​​​​​​Primary Source Verification

What is primary source verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of checking the educational background, training, experience as well as other credentials of all healthcare practitioners applying for registration and licensing in the State of Qatar
​Primary source verification (PSV) ensures that all healthcare practitioners’ credentials are verified as genuine.

Primary source verification (PSV) means that those applicants who present false or misleading credentials are discovered early and prevented from practicing. It also allows the DHP to warn other registration authorities of fraudulent applicants.

The ultimate goal of DHP is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and will not risk the safety of the public by allowing a person to practice before the results of the verification process are known, in addition to, ensuring validity and safety of the services provided to citizens and residents of the State of Qatar.​

“Dataflow” and “Gulf Bridge Services” are considered to be the approved service providers from DHP to conduct the primary source verification process to all documents for healthcare practitioners as one of the mandatory requirements for registration and licensing to work in the State of Qatar.

It is essential for all healthcare practitioners to apply for the verification process before applying for registration/evaluation to the registration section - DHP and attach the verification report to the online​ evaluation application.​​

How to apply and pay for the verification process?
​Dat​a Flow​

  • To learn about the Primary Source Verification process through DataFlow, please click here.
  • For Healthcare Practitioners' and Employers' guidelines on how to apply on the DataFlow portal, please click here.
  • For online application for the verification process through the electronic verification portal, please click here
  • To follow up on DataFlow applications, please click here.
  • To contact Dataflow Team:
    • Location​ in Qatar: Office 49, 6th Floor, Barwa Tower 1, Doha
    • Working hours: Sunday to Thursday - 8 am to 4 pm.
    • Location Map:​​​Barwa Tower 1

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